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What Barnies Offers

Affordable Football

A fully volunteer network of administrators, coaches and support roles, couple with no senior team players to support and to direct monies towards, Barnies has the most cost effective soccer programs in the State.

FFV Curriculums

FFV Consistent Development Program

Development of the kids is just as important in a 'community club' as anywhere else - so we developed and continually review our full seasons development curriculum based on the requirements of the FFA and FFV. 

Good Friendships

Everyone loves to win - but just as important, everyone really wants to enjoy their soccer experience.  Barnies understands this and offers a family friendly, fun environment, where the kids get to meet and make new friends whilst the parents can do the same.


We try to operate in a way that means our Club makes a positive contribution to our community.  Our volunteers efforts are contagious and their ability to 'get on' and help out is amazing.  

Accelerated Development and Player Pathways

Providing a Clear Path of Programs from Youth to Professional Level 

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