Codes of Behaviour

Application and Scope

Our Code of Conducts aim to promote and strengthen the reputation of football in our Community and from a larger perspective, Australia, by establishing a standard of performance and behaviour for our participants.

Importantly, we have established our codes, seek to deter conduct that could impair public confidence in our Club or in the integrity and good character of its participants. 

Our Codes apply to Administrators, Clubs, Players, Officials and Members more generally.  

Our Players, Spectators and Officials are the public face of our Club.   Accordingly, as a Club we must ensure that the actions of the entire club reflect the highest standards of integrity, decency and fair play.  Our behaviours are what we are judged upon and what has helped grow the Club year upon year ... Let's ensure this continues.

Spectator and Parent Conduct








It is the Club's responsibility to ensure our Spectator Code of Behaviour is implemented and enforced against our spectators.  We would like to anticipate that our spectators themselves almost 'self enforce' codes of conduct and understand the culture and thoughts of the Club in relation to our expectations.

Parents and carers also have a responsibility to support your child's football activities in a positive way on and off the field.

This includes being a role model and encouraging good behaviour in not only your own child but also their team mates, coach, team manager and other spectators.

Supporting your child and their team is natural, but it needs to be done in a positive and supportive way in a harassment-free environment. 

Please recognise that a guest Club is liable for improper conduct among its own group of supporters however, we will assist where possible to ensure a comfortable and safe playing environment for the children.

Commencement Date

Our Codes of Conduct come into force on 1 January 2010 and any amendments made to the Code of Conduct come into effect immediately upon promulgation of such amendments by the Club.