The Barnies TeamAPP

Just for us!

The Barnies TeamAPP is our central communication hubb.

​It is our way of sending out instant communication to your smartphone or tablet.

The Barnies TeamAPP is central to our ongoing communication efforts to players and families.

Completely secure and private, we use the Barnies TeamAPP to communicate important infomation instantly.

This could be a message to all parents about a change in training or a late notice on a game forfeit.

So it is important that you have access to the APP.

Key Features and Usage of the Barnies TeamAPP

The Barnies TeamAPP has a lot of different and useful funcitonality.  

However, the most important aspects from a parent and player perspective are noted below.


Receive news and information about your team. You will receive push notifications whenever your team manager posts something new.


Availabilities is a great way to keep track of players, as it allows a player or parent to enter a range of dates a player is or is not available for selection.


Get notifications and reminders about key dates in your teams calendar, such as presentation nights and social gatherings.

Don't Miss Out - We Need You Connected so Download the APP Now ...

Three Easy Steps to Stay Connected

1.  Download the APP from the relevant store by using the links below

2.  Search for "Barnstoneworth United" and Choose Barnstoneworth United JFC

3. You are now connected!

(and of course, if you get stuck - ask the kids!)

You can also CLICK HERE to download an registration instruction brochure.

Click one of the images below to download the APP for your phone.