Coaches' Code of Behaviour

As coaches, we set the example for our children to follow.

We can often be more sports mad than the kids we coach - but this can also lead to being over-zealous and quick tempered.

This code of behaviour identifies a set of key principles on which coaches should base their sporting involvment.  When adopted, the principles will assist our coaches in being effective role models for our children and will assist in developing good sporting behaviours within those children - which they will carry forward for the rest of their lives.


Remember that players participate for the fun of it and that winning is not everything;
Be reasonable in your demands on younger players time, energy and enthusiasm,
Teach your players to abide by the Rules and Laws of the Game;
Ensure that equipment and facilities meet a reasonable safety standard and are appropriate to the age and ability of the players;
Modify your approach to suit the skill levels and needs of players;
Develop and enhance respect between players, opposition coaches and the decisions of the match official;
Follow the advice of a physician when determining the extent of a player’s injury and beyond that, when players are returning from injury to training and match play;
Keep up to date with the latest coaching practices (refer to Coach Accreditation Criteria);
Take time out to teach players (& others) the Laws of the Game, hence raising their awareness;
Remind all players to play within the spirit of the game at all times;
Ensure players are good sports and ensure each team member shakes the hand of their opponents at the conclusion of every match;
Do not smoke or consume alcohol from the team bench (Technical Area) or sideline;
Remember the actions of yourself and your team is reflective of the perception others take away with them.