2017 Coaching Expressions of Interest

Barnies is committed to helping all our kids reach their potential as footballers.

We also recognise that the skills and energy of the team coaches are critical to acheiving this goal.

To this end, we always welcome expressions of interest to help coach the kids.

Below is some information to help you decide if you can help us with coaching.

- we'd love to have you as part of the team -

Volunteer Coaches

For Barnies teams, the coach is a volunteer who takes on the role due to the intrinsic reward of being involved with a football team.  Most of our volunteers are parents, but we certainly welcome assistance from those that just want to share their knowledge and passion of the game.

If you would like to be considered for this role you would need to be able to help across the following:

- 1-2 hours on a weeknight (Monday - Thursday); and

- 1-2 hours on a Sunday (excluding travelling time) between April and August (which is the season proper)

If you are not a licensed coach, Barnies will support you in getting the appropriate FFV required training and licensing which is typically held over a weekend.

Head or Primary Coaches vs Assistant Coaches

Every team needs a coach.

Having a good coach can make a big difference to the development of the team and how much they enjoy their football.  There should always be one primary or Head Coach so that the players have a clear understanding of who their coach is.  Assistant coaches are a great idea to spread the workload and provide extra options for training. 

The Primary Coach needs to be able to attend both the training sessions and the games otherwise they cannot see how their training is being implemented, carry feedback and issues from games back to training.

We ask for parents’ interest in coaching during the registration process, and will let the parents of the team know who has volunteered to coach once the team is formed. 

If there is more than one volunteer, we suggest the coach with the greatest experience and qualifications takes the primary role.  

As a general rule Barnies does not pay for team coaches and ask for volunteers to assist in this manner.

Barnies Coach Requirements

We would like each coach to have a Grassroots certification as a minimum.  We believe it is important for the children's development that a minimum recognised standard is available to the kids so if you do not have his minumum certification, we will support you in achieving the certification.  

Our goal is that we help develop our coaches in achieving formal FFV Junior Licences.  This benefits the Club, the kids and is a just reward for those volunteers willing to go that little bit extra.

As mentioned for coaches who have already shown their commitment to coaching at the club, Barnies will consider subsidising the cost of coaching qualifications, subject to approval by the Committee.

Duties of the Coach

At Barnies we are continuing to invest in our coaches, our coaching frameworks and curriculums to support all our coaches, new and old,  perform to their best.

(Check out our Coaches Corner for some of the available resources.)

The typical duties of a primary coach (and assisted by his or her assistants) would be:

- Running training sessions, at least once per week for 60 to 90 minutes for the younger kids

- Running twice weekly sessions of 60 to 90 minutes for the older teams
- Coaching the team on game day (Sundays), and at various gala days throughout the season. 
- Participation in and support of Barnies external coaching initiatives
- Participation in pre-season skills assessment sessions for the relevant age group and final squad selection (as required)

All Barnies coaches must sign the Barnies Coach Code of Conduct, comply with Working With Children requirements and abide by any coaching policies implemented from time to time by Barnies.

All appointments and terminations are at the absolute discretion of the Barnies and we may ask a coach to step down if, in our opinion, the Code of Conduct is breached.

Getting Involved is Easy ... !!!

To become involved ...

1.  Simply download the attached PDF documents below (Document 1 and 2)

2.  Fill Out the Coaching Application

3.  Send it back to us!! 

It's that easy and we'd love for you to be involved.

Document 1:  Expression of Interest Overview

Document 2:  Coaching Application