Community Support Programs

As a community club, we believe giving back and contributing is important for our kids to understand.

Accordingly, Barnies supports various community programs where we believe we can

make a difference and provide soccer for those who may not normally have access to the game.

Blind Sports Victoria

(Vision Impaired Support)

Blind Soccer, or Blind Football as it is known internationally, is an internationally recognised sport played at the Paralympics.

The sport of blind football is very much in its infancy in Melbourne and in Australia and Barnies is one of only three clubs selected in Victoria to implement the Blind and Vision Impaired AIA Vitality MiniRoos for 2015 .

Barnies with the assistance of Blind Sports & Recreation Victoria is working with Football Federation Victoria to build the capacity of our club to provide opportunities for people with a vision impairment of all ages to participate in football.

Barnies - Soccer 4 All.

Karen Community Sponsorship

(Refugee Support)

The Westgate Baptist Community (WBC) has developed special links with the Karen people of south east Myanmar (Burma) and especially the people in some of the refugee camps along the Thai border.  

Importantly, the WBC has been instrumental in bringing out several families as refugees to settle in Australia, and have provided social, language and material aid.

Barnies has been able to assist the Karen community to further participate in community life by sponsoring various children to play soccer at Barnies.

Barnies has also taken great pride in being able to suport the Karen Community with our ongoing sporting assistance.

Football for Fun

(Intellectual Disability Support)

BUJFC is proud to support the local community and an important part of that is running the ‘Football 4 Fun’ soccer program for children with an intellectual and/or learning disability. 

It’s opens to boys & girls from 6-15,  is free to participate and starts on May 6. 

See the flyer for details and pass onto any participant who would enjoy the chance to have fun, learn to play and meet new friends.


Football for Fun


F4F Contact / Enquiry

Please send us you enquiry for our 2017 Football for Fun Program


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Other Community Benefit Programs 

For Our Girls

Girl participation in soccer is perhaps the fastest growing segment of the sport and we aim to cater for this growth.

In fact, Barnies offers the only full soccer development path for girls

in Hobsons Bay.

We offer teams and participation across the following:

Under 7s

Under 10

Under 12

Under 14

Under 16 

We understand that many girls are new to soccer and our structure allows full participation in the sport irrespective of age and ability.

For Our Boys

A community club solely foccused on junior development, we offer programs for our boys from the miniroos right through to seniors.

Specifically, we offer boys teams and participation across the following:

Under 7s to Under 18s

And then a pathway into Senior Football thereafter!

All ages, all skills, grading for inclusion not exclusion.

Hardship Support

At times, we all have some hardship of some sort - including financial hardship.

Barnies offers unrequired soccer kits and soccer boots to families as an initiative to increase the affordability of the game.

Barnies is also able to contribute funding to emergency situations so as to ensure families can minimise any hardships they may face. 

It is what being part of a community means - helping when you can.

Summer Programs

(To be confirmed for Summer 15/16)

We are in the process of finalising some exciting post and pre-season events that will continue to assist in the development of our kids.

Again, these off-season programs will be open to all with the emphasis on inclusion and Soccer  for All.

Stay tuned for the exciting release and announcement of these programs.


Our Community Efforts being Recognised

The success of our community support and engagement programs would not be possible without

our members contributions and the contributions of other organisations.

The following outlines some of the wonderful grants that have been allocated to Barnies which enable us to continue to help and enrich our community.

Grants were provided to ensure our volunteers are properly trained in first aid practices.

Insert what grant was for

Awarded in conjuction with the A-League, these valuable monies were most well received

A generous donation to assist in supporting our Karen kids in enjoying their new life.