We understand that the success of our club, the ability of our children to fly high and the development of our children overall is dependant on the support of our volunteer coaches.

This page is all about supporting you in this role - through your own development and through the provision of training tools and techniques to make your role as coach as rewarding and as enjoyable as possible.

Our Coaching Philosophy

Even as a club, we want all the children to:

1.  Have Fun;

2. Develop their skills; and

3. Be Competitive

'​Winning' is a byproduct of these three principles.

REMEMBER: Just because we are a community club, does not dimish our competitiveness or desire to win - it merely re-orders the intent of our coaching.

Curriculum and Administration

Our coaching curriculum has been developed in accordance with FFA and FFV requirements.  

It is based on the Coerver program of coaching and provides a formal development path from Under 8 to Under 16.

Click below to understand more about our curriculum and its application to our children.

Game Day Made Easy

Game Day can be considered the most challenging aspect of coaching - We beg to disagree.

This section outlines everything you need and includes:

- Basic coaching and game day terminology

- Player positions and suitability of players

- Effective and proper warm up techniques

- Coaches responsibilites during the game

- Post game requirements and expectation

Ongoing Training and Support

Effective coaching is only as good as our coaches and their ability to implement the Club' strategies and curriculum.

Accordingly, as a Club we have, and continue to invest in Coaching training and support structures.

Click below for access to how we continue to educate and promote coaching development which leads into our kids soccer development.

Our Coaching Curriculum

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    Skill Acquisition
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    Game Day

Our coaching curriculum is based on the structure and player development cycles consistent with the FFA and FFV. 

It provides a development pathway for all ages - from Under 7s to U18s - so our kids continue to grow and develop whilst enjoying the game of soccer.

Click the age group below for more information on each stage of development.


Under 7s to Under 9s

Skills Aquisition

Under 9s to Under 12s

Game Training

Under 12s to Under 18s

Training & Support

All Age Groups

Meet our Technical Director

Ferran Barbena-Pous​

Technical Director


Ferran is born and bred from Catalonia, Spain.

And as a Catalan, Ferran comes from a very specific football culture.  

We know it as the Barcelona system.

The Catalan way of football and its football philosophy and playing style come as a consequence of cultural and community values.

This translates into highly technical, associative dynamics and attacking style, much to the joy of players and of the fans.

In fact, anyone who has seen Barcelona play will understand the joy and passion this style of play provides.

Football (soccer) has been a part of Ferran's life since he was a child - and naturally, F.C. Barcelona is the team of his life.

He has coached and been coached under the 'Barcelona System', played in both Catalonia (Spain) and England

and been a member of the Football Federation in both countries.

Prior to moving to Australia, (two years ago), he was Youth Coach in Montseny, Catalonia for his previous ten years.

Upon arriving in Australia, he was snapped up by the Morton Soccer School in Hobart which is linked with South Hobart FC (effectively the NPL in TAS).

And then upon moving to Melbourne, he snapped up by a leading NPL Club.

Looking for a small change from 'traditional' coaching, we asked if he would be our Technical Director of Coaching ...

... a natural extension of his expertise ... and pass his extensive knowledge to our coaches and kids.

He agreed.

Having completed his FFA 'C' Licence course, we are excited to have Ferran lead our coaching development and the technical development of our kids.

Meet our Coaching Support

Ferran is being supported by our Coaching Sub-committee.

Please feel free to apprach the sub-committee members with any questions you may have.

Simon Hussey

​Coaching Subcommittee

Martin Lobb

Operations Manager


Deb Thomas

Coaching Subcommittee

Ray Rossi

Coaching Subcommittee

Supporting our Coaches with Coaching Pathways

Barnies is committed to the ongoing education and advancement of our coaches.

At the same time, we are all volunteers and probably won't end up coaching Real Madrid or Barcelona!!

However, we do encourage (and at times make compulsory) the attendance and completion of specialised coaching courses.

This ensures we are able to continue to provide our kids effective and relevant coaching techniques and ideas to enhance their development.

As a Club, we are also committed to paying for our coaches learning experiences.

(So if you would like us to pay for you to begin your coaching involvement or improve your current skills, let us know via the contacts page.)

Our Entry Level - Community Pathway

It is an expectation that all our coaches attend the relevant Community Pathway training certificate.

Barnies will cover the attendance cost for these courses and where possible will have the courses run 'in-house' at Barnies to reduce travel times and improve convenience.

These courses are the base level of knowledge expected of our coaches.

For our Specialised Coaching Staff

The advanced coaching pathways is also supported by Barnies.

These programs and training certificates are more suited to the 'longer term' coach who would like to be more heavily involved with the development of Barnies kids for a longer period of time.

Again, where possible, Barnies will support the financial cost of attending these courses where we can see the direct benefits of attendance being shared with the Club.

Please speak to the Director of Coaching (by clicking here)​​ for more information.