Club Policies

The Club presents below its major policies.

Smoke Free Rationale

The Barnstoneworth United Junior Football Club (B.U.J.F.C.) recognises that exposure of non-smokers to environmental tobacco smoke (passive smoking) is hazardous to health and that non-smokers should be protected. 

Passive smoking can lead to serious illnesses in adults such as bronchitis, lung cancer and cardiovascular disease. 

Children can also develop chest illnesses and asthma from exposure to tobacco smoke. Accordingly, the following policy has been developed by B.U.J.F.C. to protect the health of all concerned.

Who Does it Apply To​

This policy applies to:

- All members,

- Administrators,

- Officials, coaches,

- Players,

- Visitors and

- Volunteers of the B.U.J.F.C.

Designated Smoke Free Areas

The B.U.J.F.C. requires the following areas to be smokefree:

- Club and social rooms
- Changing rooms
- Toilet blocks
- Eating areas
- Playing areas
- Near open windows

- Near entries and exits of buildings, facilities and the ground.

Behaviour Code Rationale

The Club's behaviour policies and code of conduct have been developed to assist all those involved with the Club, the children, our visitors and the wider community in understanding the role they each play in ensuring a safeand enjoyable environment for all our participants.

Every member of our soccer community must play a part in ensuring a safe environment, where our children have the opportunity to learn and our coaches the opportunity to coach.

Our Club is a place where positive behaviour, responsibility, respect, active citizenship and sporting fairness are expected learning.

Who Does it Apply To

The policies apply to:

- Players

- Parents

- Coaches

- Spectactors

- Administrators

WWC Rationale

The Working with Children (WWC) Check helps protect children from physical and sexual harm. It does this by screening people’s criminal records and professional conduct and preventing those who pose an unjustifiable risk to children from working with or caring for them.

The WWC Check does not assess a person’s suitability to work with or care for children in a particular role. It is the responsibility of the Club to assess if a volunteer is suitable to work with children and continue monitoring their behaviour around children.

Accordingly, we will be vigilant at all times by doing thorough checks and establishing sound, ongoing supervision practices so that children are safe from harm

Who Does it Apply To

This policy applies to:

- All committee members,

- Club officials,

- Coaches and

- Team managers 

How to Apply / Renew Your Check

To apply for a WWC, or to renew yourexpired WWC or even just check the status of your WWC is really simple.... 

Follow the link below and in two minutes you are all sorted.

Barnies is committed to providing a safe evironment for all our kids to enjoy playing football.

In this sense, meeting the needs of our children and making sure they are safe in and around our Club is a shared responsibility between individuals, the family, the community and the government.

In Victoria, the Child Wellbeing and Safety Amendment Act 2015 requires clubs to meet “Child Safe Standards”.

We are required to comply with these obligations regardless of whether they are run by paid employees or volunteers.

Accorrdingly, we have:

  • Embedded a Club culture of childsafety and effective leadership;
  • A child-safe policy or statement of commitment to child safety;
  • A code of conduct that establishes clear expectations for appropriate behaviour with children;
  • Put in place screening, supervision, training and other human resources practices that reduce the risk of child abuse by new and existing personnel;
  • Processes for responding to and reporting suspected child abuse;
  • Strategies to identify and reduce or remove risks of child abuse; and
  • A dedicated Child Protection Officer - Greg Denham.  Greg has been selected by the Club due to his extensive background in Child Services and his unique skill set of approachability, empathy and knowledge of child protection processes.
  • Greg can be contacted on 0424 193 857 or via email on denham.greg @