Tim Frampton

Chief Operating Officer

Football Federation Victoria

"In many ways, we consider BUjFC to be a model for junior football clubs in Victoria.

In its short history it has grown exponentially with no sign of slow down.

In addition, its discipline history within FFV is the envy of many."

From our Parents

"It's all about the children and every child is encouraged to participate"

"The Club is well run and with the kids interest at heart"

"Inclusive, great communication, fantastic committed coaches"

"A great family culture with great volunteers and a club who supports them in return"

"A club that is family friendly.  Children enjoy the experience."

"Family orientated with a focus on
inclusiveness... "

"Friendly environment with passionate committee members."

"An excellently run club, where the kids really enjoy themselves."

"First time our son has played soccer, he loves it and all the coaches and boys."

"Community club, positivity amongst parents and kids ... always fun."

"Community minded, volunteer based, soccer for all abilities, friendly"

"Fees are very reasonable"

"It's a great family environment"

"Very community orientated.  Volunteer support is great."

"Great way for young children to start playing soccer as all abilities are catered for."

"Opportunities for boys of all levels."

"Coaches have the best interests of the kids in mind."

"Teams are so well organised."

And Just a Few More 

"Love the friendly nature of the club and the Coaches have been superb."

"Competitive - but not over the top."

"Friendly environment with lots of families."

"Everyone gets a go."

"Lovely culture and welcoming nature of everyone."

"Community spirited club."

We would like to thank all our families and all our kids for making the Club so wonderful.

It is the support of our families that makes the club what it is.

​It is the joy the kids show us that make it all worth while!